The 2020-2021 Editorial Team includes:

Faculty Advisor: Professor Briallen Hopper

Nika Nunez

Hi! I’m Nika Nunez and I’m a junior at Queens College. I’m majoring in English and I enjoy reading, writing, and playing the violin! I look forward to reading your work on Utopia Parkway!

Rebecca Ramdhan

Hello, my name is Rebecca Ramdhan. I am an English major in my senior year. I enjoy reading and writing stories or poetry, but I love working on Utopia Parkway because everyone’s submissions are like hidden gems.

Sequoia Kessler

Hi! My name is Sequoia Kessler and I started my undergrad at Queens College in 2020. I am a performance major and writing minor. I love creative writing, especially YA and fantasy. I’m looking forward to editing for Utopia Parkway!

Ralph Matamoros

Ralph Matamoros is a freshman at Queens College. Inspired by writers such as John Steinbeck and Carl Sandburg, he hopes to make poetry accessible to readers by writing about the environment and other issues.

Akampreet Kaur

Hello, my name is Akampreet Kaur and my major is Elementary Education & English. I enjoy writing poetry and am excited to read your work on Utopia Parkway.

Sakila Nazumudeen

Hello everyone! I am a double major in Elementary Education and Elementary Mathematics at Queens College. I am aspiring to become a public school teacher in New York City. I love reading some of your amazing work submitted on Utopia Parkway. I absolutely enjoy working with the editorial team.

Pascal Hyacinthe

P here. Creating a brave creative outlet is UPJ’s mission, something that I can get behind. Your biggest supporter and critic, I look forward to reading submissions that force me to be more self-aware through your eyes (?) Editor and curator in progress, English Major and author. It starts, for me, here.