Poetry: A 2020 Rebound

            A collection of poems and art curated to reflect the nostalgia of pre-shutdown life, the intense rediscovery of self in solitude and grief, and the cyclic rebirth of progress. As you process this chronology of emotion, I hope it finds you open to empathizing and ushers you through any lingering vines that might hinder this new year. New justice, new peace.

            Some of these pieces exemplify the raw, explicit content of the heart, and some materials may reference physical or psychological violence. Please be advised.

Farhin Puspita Mother Ladder [Paint]

Nika Nunez Ode to a Golden Kiwi

Ralph Matamoros Retina

Ralph Matamoros Drive

Kelly Herrera This Isn’t Real [Paint]

Raveena Nabi COVID-19

Jack Adam Couple in Red [Photo]

Jason Altman Heart Failure

Jack Adam Capsules

Melissa Aguilar The Old Me

Sakila Nazumudeen Who Am I?

Zainab Farooqi [Untitled Work #2]

Jack Adam Blooming Flower [Photo]

Boguslaw Mitrega A Houseplant’s Perspective

Nathalie Avalo Para Tu Alma

Gloria Rodrigues Dear Dad, Love, Glory

Popy Chowdhury Turquoise Nose-Pin

Tyler Gonzalez The Third Time Around

Farhin Puspita Gift [Paint]

[Curated by Pascal Hyacinthe]

Visual Arts


Sequoia Kessler The Headmaster’s Daughter

Rafael Campbell King of the Toy Store

Filio Modinos The Life She Chose

Boguslaw Mitrega The Melody of the Finches

Jorene Zapata The Strangest Bid

James Ambery Scenes from an Alternate Universe

Zainab Farooqi Finding Home

Rebecca Ramdhan Also Kind of Beautiful

Yuhan Chen A Letter


Shahael Myrthil The Pandemic Helped Me Get Back to My Roots


Rafael Campbell Anima

Ralph Matamoros Fish Bowl

Pascal Hyacinthe Rose anba Kaskad

Pascal Hyacinthe Note Taking

Pascal Hyacinthe Warring States

Erika Velasquez Este es mi Mundo (This is My World)

Erika Velasquez Serotonin

Rebecca Ramdhan on Remodeling

Alan Smithee A Love Story for the Ages

Sharon Holmes Work

Tenzin Namgyal [Untitled Poem #4]

Tenzin Namgyal [Untitled Poem #5]

Lorenzo Llanera Untitled Unfelt

Yuhan Chen Free Sparrow

Yuhan Chen The Sensibility of a Chessboard Dew

Yuhan Chen My Mother Asked For My Lungs

Edward Guerra Dark Waters


Faculty Supervisor 

Professor Briallen Hopper

Journal Editors

Nika Nunez
Pascal Hyacinthe
Rebecca Ramdhan
Sequoia Kessler

Akampreet Kaur
Ralph Matamoros
Sakila Nazumudeen